Michael Lydon

“In terms of my own sense of happiness, and how I am and how I would compare that with how I was before, I would say that it’s night and day. I feel that I have a lot more emotional flexibility. It’s almost like living in a different world… you have a whole different set of fundamental presuppositions at a visceral level… That’s why a research-based approach is so important to this because it filters out all of the paradigmatic garbage that is associated with various enlightenment paths.”

Gordon Harris

“When we began the course, I feel like I was in a really good place. The Finders Course helped to push me over that last hurdle to something I’d been looking for my whole life, this transcendent experience that I’d read about, and heard about, and all of my great heroes all had experiences with.”

Dave Wils

“I don’t know where the person from before the course has gone…Something disappeared…While I was doing the course, my well-being was increasing tremendously… the well-being stayed… I just don’t get caught up in stuff anymore…Anxiety has definitely dropped tremendously, I’ve always defined myself as an anxious person, where anxiety was keeping me back. That has tremendously dropped.”

Jan Searle

“I spent 20 years being a zombie, being dead… I was not at all who I had been before [my trauma]… I was very active and alive, and felt alive and life was really great, and then afterwards I was dead, and so it really came home to how dead I was after the energy was released… three weeks or so into the course, and I was stunned and it was amazing and it’s such a blessing. And then beyond that I’ve had other really nice changes. A lot less pain. Everything’s flowing like it used to flow, but more so, so thank you.”

Sean L.

“The unconscious involvement of a self invariably creates its own demands and its own necessities, and being able to lay that aside, and also take it back on… but to do so intentionally, is more enabling and more skillful. I have another alternative, when things get hot, and people get very antagonistic and personal, that doesn’t really reach me the way it used to prior to this transformation.”

Paul Buxton

“Prior to starting the course I was quite severely depressed, probably bordering on suicidal. Lots of problems with parents and illness, business was very difficult and very bad. It just seems to be the past 5 to 8 years an uphill struggle every day. I have to think hard about that, because all of that is gone now. Absolutely gone. So quite a different place from where I was barely 6 months ago. The change for me is almost incomprehensible. Everything is absolutely perfect. I have no desire to change anything. I feel quite comfortable. Things are as they are, and I feel quite looked after. I feel part of a huge whole of which you’re me, and I’m you, and everything is. It’s quite difficult to put words to.”

Brian Jacobson

“I started to get this sense of ‘okay there’s something very simple going on here and it’s just this presence, feeling this base level of being, existence, and knowing that is along with that,’ and I started to be able to identify that more and more. And as I got deeper into it I started to feel more of these feelings of love and joy coming up and the shedding of this film that was around everything for a long time, and the things that used to reallyget to me a lot and throw me off for a few days, I would just be seeing it as it’s happening, and there remains this background perspectiveof seeing everything from this single eye… it’s really the only thing that you can be sure of, just the simple fact of your own existence.”

Wayne Fung

“There was this underlying… dissatisfaction… I knew I needed to do something. I wasn’t going to spend the rest of my life like that. This new place…includes both what I see and how I think things work…everything is more alive and brighter. There’s also more of a sense of me being here. Before, it was a bit like being a ghost…Now I feel I’m totally here…in the world, connected to the world…I also experience…that quietness where there seems to be more space in the brain cavity. I don’t react the same way…It’s not triggering as much so that helps…because I think a lot of problems come from…responses as opposed to staying in the moment.”

Barbara Frierson

“I was a very unhappy person… sometimes I feel like a different person! At this point I’m feeling pretty stable with the sense of well-being, which–I’ve never had a sense of well-being before, I did not. I was always feeling inadequate, not quite doing what I was supposed to be doing, so to wake up in the morning and feel, “things are okay,” that’s been really wonderful.”

Brenda Sanders

“Here’s another part of the course I loved: the Eraser method. I mean it’s so powerful to just get rid of all of that conditioning. Often I could see it like lifting out of my tissue, almost like a cloud and float away. I can actually feel it in a place in my body, often in my heart. It’s almost as if that conditioning is holding parts of us prisoner. It’s amazing to experience that and just watch it go.”

Rebekah Reese

“How do you explain a transformation from happiness to extreme happiness? There’s just an inner joy. It doesn’t matter what’s going on, what the life situation is. I have infinite patience. All judgment has just totally dissolved. When you reach that state of oneness and beingness and realize we are all one, that all goes towards the inner peace, the patience, the stillness the calmness and the being.”

Dawn Pan

“I would say I was born happy… at the same time, was also very very focused. I could be in my mind for hours and hours while the world went by. I still look back in disbelief on how it was possible to just broaden my world in 100 days. When the course first started I’d just lost my mom about a year ago. I was experiencing deep, deep grief. I was very close to my mom. This course sped up the healing process. That was the benefit nothing else could have given to me.”

Sherri Miller

“I was a very angry person. Very negative. Very much wanting to be left alone by everyone and every- thing, but in a negative sort of way. I didn’t find a lot of pleasure in anything I did. I didn’t see a lot of good about my life in general. All that has fallen away. I have a very, very deep sense of happiness, of well-being. I’m not angry anymore. I released it all, and I just feel totally contented with life now.”

Merle Braley

“Absolutely phenomenal. My life has changed dramatically. I thought I was in good shape before, I started meditating when I was 18. I was told ‘in five years you’ll be enlightened.’ Hey- that promise has expired! The big mistake, and I actually taught that mistake, and that mistake was, if you’re not feeling progress, it’s just that you’ve leveled off, just stick with it, something good is happening… I probably should have stopped and found another practice. What I missed was any permanent sense of enlightenment.”

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