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I have a deep sense of unshakeable inner peace and equanimity all day long. My emotions are nearly all positive, and the need for approval from others is all but completely gone. My narrative-self has reduced dramatically, and I feel complete without the need for validation from others. Any deep rooted conditioned responses have reduced to the point that I question if there are any remaining. I realized that my intense emotions, positive and negative, were being replaced by a quiet underlying sense of equanimity, peace, compassion, and love.

-Merle Braley, FC2 Graduate

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Backed by 9+ years of academic research. Proven to transition students into ongoing states of peace, joy, and well-being.

Finders Leave Depression Behind…

“I no longer suffer from bouts of depression… negative thoughts dissolve quickly, and my emotions have leveled out.”
-Carol Gallagher, FC4

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What is O.N.E.?

O.N.E., or “Ongoing, Non-Symbolic Experience” is a research term that describes a spectrum of experiences.  Terms such as “enlightenment,” “mystical experiences,” “nondual consciousness,” “awakening,” “transcendence” and “transcendent states,” “unity consciousness,” and many others fit under the umbrella of “Non-Symbolic Experience.”

“Ongoing,” means that they are not temporary states that come and go, but form the basis of one’s experience. “Non-Symbolic” means that the locus of experience is not the conventional sense of self.

O.N.E. can completely change the way that you experience yourself and the world around you. In these two videos, Finders talk about their experiences of life after transitioning into Location One and Location Two, which are common places that individuals land when transitioning into O.N.E.

For descriptions of the first 4 Locations, within which the vast majority of people land when first transitioning, and for videos of Locations 3 and 4, come to our “What is O.N.E.?” page.


“The Finder’s Course is based on over nine years of academic research, and has produced groundbreaking data that challenge our understanding of transpersonal psychology and meditation. In this video, Dr. Martin talks about his background, how he came to be interested in fundamental well-being, and the different turns the research took over the years, from interviews in people’s living rooms, all the way up to the stunning findings of the Finders Course experiments. You can find much more data from the research on our Research Page, and even more publications for academic and general audiences at the home of the Center for the Study of Non-Symbolic Consciousness.