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The Finders Course meditation and mind-training protocol is a proven, peer-reviewed, statistically reliable program that is structured to the highest academic standards. Over the last 10 years, over 1000 meditation techniques were cataloged to create the existing course.

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The Great Experiment

Join a like-minded community for the world's largest attempt at using technology to quantify the beneficial changes produced by meditation, positive psychology, and other proven mental training exercises.

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Finder’s Course has partnered with leaders in transformative technology and personal development.

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The Response

Finders Course students have experienced dramatic positive shifts in wellbeing. Hear directly from those who have taken the course.

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Your Team

There are two parts to the experiment. The first is facilitating and guiding you through the program, the second is analyzing all the important and revolutionary data we collect to help move humanity forward. A world-class team of scientists and data analysists have assembled to make it happen.

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Lasting inner happiness is possible

If you are ready to be happy and establish inner peace, Finder’s Course is for you. Discover freedom from the inner critic and uncover your true nature.

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