The Muse

The Muse is a multi-sensor EEG headband that monitors your brainwaves. It began with years of intensive research on higher-order combinations of primary, secondary and tertiary characteristics of raw EEG data and how they interact with various forms of meditation. It connects via blue-tooth to your smart phone. In the course, we'll use it to monitor the changes taking place in your brain both while you are meditating, and from the beginning to the end of the program itself.

Polar Heart Strap

The Polar H7 is a comfortable heart rate sensor that monitors your real-time, accurate heart rate. It's used in a wide range of activities, most commonly by people during physical exercise. We'll be using it to monitor you while you meditate. It connects via blue-tooth to your smart phone.

Mindfield eSense

The Mindfield eSense device is a small finger sensor that monitors your skin conductance, a direct indicator of your relaxation or stress. During the course, we'll be using it to monitor you during your meditation sessions. It connects via the microphone input of your smartphone.


Neuromore is a leading platform for interactive apps that combines real-time biodata and machine intelligence. The experiment uses a special version of the Neuromore app that collects your EEG, HRV, and GSR data while you meditate, via your smartphone.

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